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Association of travel & tourism agents in Iraq,

Is a professional organization that sponsors the interests of travel and tourism companies in Iraq that fall under its banner.

The Association was established in 1967 under Law No. 47, and started its activity to achieve the goals of travel and tourism companies, according to the articles of Law No. 49 of 1983. In which the law has granted the association the legal personality, administrative and financial independence.

The Association of Travel and Tourism Companies in Iraq consists of the General Authority represented by its members of the official Iraqi travel and tourism companies, from which the members of the administrative organization who consisting of seven members and two reserve members are elected. As it manages the association for three years.

The structure of the association consists of the association’s president, the vice-president of the association, the amanuensis, the financial secretary and other three members.

The association is the official training center for IATA in Iraq, the objectives of the association are to develop tourism activity