Who We Are?

who we are?

Association of travel & tourism agents in Iraq,

Is a professional organization that sponsors the interests of travel and tourism companies in Iraq that fall under its banner.

The Association was established in 1967 under Law No. 47, and started its activity to achieve the goals of travel and tourism companies, according to the articles of Law No. 49 of 1983. In which the law has granted the association the legal personality, administrative and financial independence.

The Association of Travel and Tourism Companies in Iraq consists of the General Authority represented by its members of the official Iraqi travel and tourism companies, from which the members of the administrative organization who consisting of seven members and two reserve members are elected. As it manages the association for three years.

The structure of the association consists of the association’s president, the vice-president of the association, the amanuensis, the financial secretary and other three members.

The association is the official training center for IATA in Iraq, the objectives of the association are to develop tourism activity internally and externally, taking care of the interests of the members of the association, preserving their rights, developing the spirit of cooperation and coordinate with government directorates and relevant authorities in all tourism fields inside and outside the country, and developing it by land, air and sea.

The association works with the international norms and laws related to tourism and travel affairs, also it works on holding conferences, meetings, seminars and exhibitions specialized in the field of tourism and representing companies inside and outside the country.

While the association is working on affiliation with international professional tourism organizations, issuing and ratification of experience certificates for the employees in the field of travel and tourism in Iraq, and the conclusion of agreements and treaties with similar international organizations for the purpose of facilitating the work of its members.


Association Objectives:​

  • Developing the tourism activity internally, regionally and internationally.
  • Taking care of the interests of association members, preserving their rights and developing a spirit of cooperation among them.
  • Cooperation and coordination with government departments and other relevant bodies in all areas of tourism and its development by land, sea and air.
  • Entering into the fields of investment and tourism development to serve the interests of the country and tourist activity The employment of all money received by the association to serve the interests of the plenary body of the association in accordance with the issued laws.
  • organizing and classifying information and tourist statistics. Supplying the members of tourism association and the relevant authorities with advice and opinions about the prices of all kinds of tourist activities.
  • Acting according to the international rules an and laws of the travel and tourism affairs, land transport air and sea transport. Making studies and proposals on draft laws and regulations which are related to tourism activity, then submitting them to the relevant authorities and striving for their approval
  • Holding and participating in conferences, meetings, seminars, and exhibitions inside and outside the country.
  • Issuing periodic bulletins and publications in order to serve the purpose of the association after getting the approval of the competent official authorities.
  • Affiliation to similar international and Arab associations and occupational tourist bodies.
  • Working on resolving the professional disputes among its members in amebic ways that go with the rules of profession, ethics and laws.
  • Issuing and authenticating experience certificate for those working in the field of travel and tourism.
  • Taking part in defining the concept of tourism norms and terminology in various fields, including the rules and standards of practicing the profession. Item Four: Conditions of Affiliation to the Association: For companies to affiliate to the association, the following things are required.